Firework Frenzy

Game Overview

Firework Frenzy is a single player VR experience where players can create and customize fireworks to their liking. Players can customize the colors, bursts, trails. Anything they want to light up the night sky! After creating them, they are able to view them in their very own firework show!

The fireworks roll out from a conveyor belt and stop in front of the player. The player then can choose from an assortment of color and burst jars to slap onto the firework. The burst changes the nose shape of the firework, while the color would change the body or nose dependent on where the player placed it. The player has sixty seconds to create as many as they want and afterwards their fireworks will be put into a firework show. Afterwards the player could choose a photo that was automatically taken during the show to print out and take home.

About the Project

I was a designer on Firework Frenzy. I created a couple of firework bursts and suggested the idea for the conveyor belt. I also helped create the ending firework show and set up the two colliders, body and nose, on the firework object that would change the color according to which collider was hit. This was the first time I worked on a VR game and the first time I went in depth with the unity particle system. I created a sub particle trail along following the larger main particle.

We only had a semester to work on Firework Frenzy and nearly everyone on the team had worked never worked with a VR project before. This was a fun experience and the first time I worked on a team of over 10 members.

The pink firework burst was just a basic coconut firework burst type. This was a more basic firework type and helped me learn a lot of basics regarding unity’s particle system.

The green firework was my take on a crossette firework burst type. This burst does not replicate what the actual firework burst type looks like in real life, but I think this was a cool interpretation of it. It almost feels like a spiderweb that’s rapidly expanding.

This is my page at Bradley University’s 2023 FUSE.

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