The Dark Adventure's of Slime:
The Search for Gold

This was my final build of my project for one of my freshman year fall classes of 2020. This was my very first game that I created all on my own. The project was assigned around the start of October. The class was given two criteria, it had to be a platforming game and there was a deadline. I started making it right away and turned it in the first week of December, the deadline. I came up with the story and mechanics. I did all of the art and programming. I learned most of my beginnings with coding, UI, art, and overall game design through this game. 

As this was my first ever game I made there are plenty of bugs especially with transferring it to a webpage playable version. However I want to keep the game just as it was when I finished it. I want this game to serve as a reminder for where I started making games. To show where I began and compare it to where I am now.

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