The Dark Adventures of Slime:
The Search for Gold

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Game Overview

The Dark Adventures of Slimey is a 2D black and white, side-scroller platformer, where Slimey traverses through areas filled with guards in a search for gold. In The Dark Adventures of Slimey the player plays as Slimey, a slime who can only see in black and white except for the color gold. Since gold is the only color Slimey can see, he seeks out gold colored objects. The player will control Slimey throughout his adventure obtaining as much gold as he can. To get the gold, however, Slimey will have to pass by or defeat the knights and mages he finds along the way in order to reach the chest full of gold at the end of the level. The knights and mages will fight back and if Slimey gets hit too many times he will die, which will restart the level. Slimey is also timed. If the player were to take too long on a level bandits will appear and take the chest, resulting in the player restarting the level.

About the Project

This was my final build of my project for one of my freshman year fall classes of 2020. This was my very first game that I created all on my own. The project was assigned around the start of October. The class was given two criteria, it had to be a platforming game and there was a deadline. I started making it right away and turned it in the first week of December, the deadline. I came up with the story and mechanics. I did all of the art and programming. I learned most of my beginnings with coding, UI, art, and overall game design through this game. 

As this was my first ever game I made there are plenty of bugs especially with transferring it to a webpage playable version. However I want to keep the game just as it was when I finished it. I want this game to serve as a reminder for where I started making games. To show where I began and compare it to where I am now.

Character Sprite Animations

The fist page across the top row is Slimey’s idle animation sprites. The next row is Slimey’s walking animation sprites. The third row is Slimey’s jumping animation sprites. The fourth row is Slimey’s crouched and crouched walking animation sprites. The last row is Slimey’s hurt sprite.

The second page is Slimey’s absorption animation sprites, which get played when Slimey lands on top of an enemy’s head.

I created these sprites by hand. My goal was to have a cute slime that seems aimless and neutral happy. Another was to have the sprites be very similar with only slight changes to shape and eye placement, and to only have three or four sprites per animation. I used unity to combine the sprites into an animation.

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