Quality Assurance

Game Overview

Quality Assurance is an open-ended and satirical sandbox game set in an office space environment, where you are tasked with “testing” a series of bizarre sci-fi products throughout your shift. In Quality Assurance players play as an intern working in the quality assurance department. The player is given free rein of what they do in the game. However, if the player racks up too many human recourses complaints the boss will attempt to fire them. There are three main products the player needs to test.

The first product is the Frostburner. This product can shoot out a fire projectile or an ice projectile which will burn or freeze objects it collides with, including people. The second product is the Scan-N-Shoot. This product can scan an object and shoot out an infinite amount of exact copies of it. The third product is the Tesla Gun. This product can drain or charge electrical components, but be careful of over-charing them as they may explode. There are also a couple of secret products hidden in the office which require the use of the other main three products to reach.

About the Project

Quality Assurance was a project I worked on with four other classmates on a team called Gourmet Vulture Studios. I was the lead game designer on the project. I had the final say when it came to most game decisions of what to add and implement. I was in charge of establishing the base gameplay loop: grab a product, complete the clipboard, go to next product. I helped with the ideas for all of the products and I defined all of the clipboard objectives. I built the layout of the office, placed the cubicles, NPCs, and in most of the other objects. I also helped design the overall feel and I created the lighting in the scene. I helped design the look of the title screen and made the changing background. I designed and implemented the pause and settings menus. 

This was my first game were I was the lead game designer in a group. I had so much fun making this game with my team. I am very proud of the game I’ve helped make and I learned a lot through creating it. This is by far the best game I have made so far.

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